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I cannot find the words to thank you for all you did to help make the trip and the experience a fabulous reality! The girls were over the moon happy. Seriously, infectiously, and loudly happy about the entire night. One girl describes it as, “life changing”. Another said, “most powerful moment she has experienced so far!”. Head of School, Trudy Hall described the night as, “a transformative experience for both girls and alumnae—FABULOUS”. And if that weren’t enough, I have received numerous emails from alumnae who attended raving about the play, actors, and the overall event and experience. What very few knew is the behind-the-scenes work you did to help make all of this happen. I cannot thank you enough for your time, energy, and generous help putting this together and helping me execute the details of the night. Having the talkbacks, meeting Eve herself, and having not one, but two programs signed by Eve, Tony, and the cast were the icing to the most perfect cake. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Awesome, Absolutely Amazing, Inspirational!


This holiday enjoy a fun-loving moment and see “Emotional Creature” – so much talent in a group of young women is both uplifting and fun to watch. The show is filled with wonderful dance and music – but the underlying theme of women, independence and progress makes for a great production. Enjoy!!


Universal show for any female of any age, background or country. It touches upon our coming of age, our continuing quest for who we are as women and of course our sense of humor amidst all of this chaos known as our world.


Charming performances, lively music, important message. An enjoyable performance all around.


Was not looking forward to this show. Maybe one too many Vagina Monologues, but I left moved and thrilled. It’s a beautiful piece with a cast of young women who I promise you’ll be hearing about in the future. Some great young talent!


Exhilirating, poignant, and inspiring. Captures what it’s like being a girl/woman.


The show is a series of monologues given by six actors from different ethnic backgrounds who are representing teenage school girls. At first it may seem trival – upsets about not belonging to a certain group at school or not wearing the latest clothes – however the play progresses to cover many more serious world issues to do with female issues and the poor and accepted treatment of females in many other cultures. This is a marvelous show with music and covers a multitude of distressing female issues. Although serious in its intent it is also extremely funny in parts. If you’re a girl of any age – don’t miss it!


RUN and get tickets to “Emotional Creature”. What an incredibly moving shoe that everyone should see.

Ximena R.

Just saw “Emotional Creature”! Awesome performance about empowerment and self-love and LOVE. PERIOD.

Sarah E.

“Emotional Creature” was unreal and out of this world. Such an amazing play. Prefect date night for a gay and his girl. #lifechanging

Matthew P.

What an amazing show! My heart is so full right now and I am so inspired by what I saw on stage tonight! A million thanks!

Ximena R.

The play and the actresses were fantastic! Thank you V-Day for giving the organizers such an amazing gift!

Elyssa F.

If you are able to, go see “Emotional Creature” in NYC! The show is amazing! The actors are amazing! The writer is redefining the term perfect! On top of that, the money helps to fund V-Day scholarships for girls! If you can, see it. If you can’t, make someone else!

Morgan T.

Just saw Eve Ensler’s new play, “Emotional Creature” – girl power: raw, playful, angry, strong, beautiful.

Marianne E.

Just saw Eve Ensler’s “Emotional Creature,” and it was AMAZING. The audience was 99% women, the message is relevant.

Noelle M.

Eve Enlser’s “Emotional Creature” far exceeded expectations. Find 2 teenagers and go.

Leah L.

Ladies, I highly recommend this play. Got daughters? (mid-teens or older) Take them with you! Can’t say too many good things about this show.

Silvia S.